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by Allyson Lindt Jade is in Nashville on her third week of a month-long business trip. She doesn't mind seeing a new city every week, but she's dragging after so many without a break. When a sexy stranger wants to share her breakfast table, she welcomes the change in scenery. The easy banter and teasing that dances behind the eyes of the handsome voice actor have her wondering if just this once, a one-night stand might be worth her time.

Brandon is tired of the playboy image that comes with his cult-celebrity status. When he meets a business woman with a travel schedule as hectic as his, she lights a spark deep inside. The problem is, he's hoping for something long-term, and she's hesitant to start anything that will become long-distance. With less than three days before they go their separate ways, Brandon has to show Jade there's more to them than just an unconventional fling.

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