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by Lois Metzger Yours, Anne is the background story of Anne Frank's life. The reader learns of Anne's childhood friends who survived the war and the Holocaust and hears their voice from quotes in the novel that one does not get to read in the diary. This non-fiction is informative and corresponds well to Anne Frank's diary and would work well to read alongside the diary of Anne Frank. I read Anne Frank's diary several years ago and remembered much of it and yet, I learned a few new facts in this book. I enjoyed reading about Anne's life and I also enjoyed the historical and cultural facts about Holland that was included. The descriptions of Holland - the land, culture, etc. was very interesting. Yours, Anne also includes photos of Anne and the 'Secret Annex'. I would recommend Yours, Anne to readers of all ages and perhaps as a prequel to Anne's diary. It's always helpful to learn the history behind a story to feel the full effect and knowledge of it.

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