Vampire Lust and Magick (Lesbian Vampire Paranormal Menage Erotica Story) PDF

by Belinda Castles It was just another one of those unsuccessful nights on the town when Sarah and I just happened to make the acquaintance of two very pale gentlemen. They had an air of sophistication about them and they gave us directions to a club that neither of us knew existed but yet seemed to be looking for us. New York was strange, that’s for sure but this club was something else. It was magical.

A chance meeting with Lilith and Delilah sparked a deep desire within me. Something other worldly. They were somehow different. Not just by how they looked but how they acted. Beautiful but without really trying to be.

I never considered myself a lesbian but after a secluded tryst with Lilith that ushered me into another world of unknown pleasure I willingly accepted the label. However my excitement with this new world was cut short with news that Sarah was kidnapped by Delilah’s enemies.

It was up to us to save her. But after meeting with a menacing wizard we discovered the only way to save her was for me to use Magick. Vampire Magick. But there was a catch, I wasn't a vampire.

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