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by R.R. Sechi I received this book for free via Goodreads First Reads.

The first thing I will say is I did not like the typeset in this book. The paragraphs had no breaks not even for speech and that did make it a harder read than it needed to be. This observation has not affected my rating of the book but I felt the need to note it.

The book is in three short parts (the entire book is only 118 pages) which are meant as parallels or possibly satires on the world we live in.

Part one starts with an idyllic village which is corrupted by a kingmaker who turns some of the village into an army which takes over.
Part two has that king facing a new threat and having to sell his soul to save his kingdom.
Part three has this kingdom as a modern city with celebrity culture and terrorism thrown into the mix.

The book relies highly on metaphors for different stages of English society (the book has an English feel but it could be any big European country) but it feels rushed especially from the last chapter of part two to the end of part three. It is an interesting experiment for the author but it lacks a lot for the reader.

I have given it 3 stars as I did not dislike the book but I also feel it has a lot of flaws and a completely uneven pace. One final note is it arrived through my letterbox the next day after the giveaway ended. That was remarkable.

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