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by T.J. Murphy Having reached the age of twelve summers, Dal—a Cro-Magnon boy, looks forward to his manhood initiation. But his father informs him the he is being passed over because he isn't ready. Making matters worse, Dal's eleven-year-old friend Cog is accepted into the initiation.
Ashamed, Dal flees the cave and embarks upon an adventure that leads him into the Land of the North Caves, where he is injured in a fall. Rescued by a Neanderthal boy, Dal is taken to the boy's cave. Distrusted because he is different, Dal is accused of stealing and is sent on a quest to battle a cave lion to gain acceptance. Mar—the boy who rescued him—joins Dal on this quest. Dal knows he can't clear his name without battling the mighty lion. And he can never return home without first clearing his name.
Together Dal and Mar seek out the fierce beast. Will they be successful in their quest—or be savaged and eaten by the wicked beast?

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