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by V. Raghunathan This book is not about getting rich quick. Nor is it about making the reader an expert in matters of investments or derivatives. The primary objective of this book is to impart a basic understanding of the manner in which stock exchanges function, especially in India. In addition it seeks to present simple and easy explanations of import theoretical aspects of stock market operations, investments and derivatives. It also helps readers who have a nodding familiarity with basic arithmetic to construct and evaluate his or her portfolio of investment.Excerpts from Reviews of the Earlier Editions"…Almost every topic that a lay investor could be concerned about is covered – from an exposition of how stock markets function to explaining the valuation of a share and importance of diversification…"—Business India"…From the concept of time value of money to cashflows and the basics of investment analysis, this book should leave you a little more wise, a little less gullible in dealing with avaricious brokers and help you to use your acumen in investing your savings with perspicacity…"—The Times of India "…The book will be of considerable interest not only to the vast body of investors, but also to students of portfolio management and security analysis, executive development programmes and aspirants to career opportunities in mutual funds, merchant banking and stock broking firms…"—Fortune India"…The first time reader will benefit immensely from these (investment) techniques and strengthen his understanding of the theories expounded…"—Investment Week"…The book would be very useful to a keen investor in corporate securities, particularly those who want to build a fairly dispersed portfolio. The book carries the stamp of thoroughness and authority of the author…"—Chartered Secretary "…Explains the working of (financial) markets in a very lucid manner by answering 100 questions, covering various topics…"—Hindustan Times"…The part on investments is well written for readers willing to take the minimum necessary trouble…"—The Management Accountant

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