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by Stan Lee The second (and final) collection of the adventures of Henry Pym (a.k.a. Ant-Man/Giant-Man) was kind of a stinker. I actually thought that the first Masterworks collection was OK, but whatever momentum this series had was gone by the time these issues were released, from 1964 to 1965. Pym is a scientist who discovers a way to change his size at will, from small enough to ride an ant to the size of a small building. He and his girlfriend Jan run around fighting crime and talking to ants & other bugs (weird). None of the plots in this collection are particularly memorable, and the villains tend to be forgettable and/or silly. High points include a tussle with the Hulk and a showdown with hyper-intelligent communist super-apes, a foe that is common enough in the early Marvel era to make me think that Stan Lee had a particular fear of them (as well he should):

img: Monkey 1

img: Monkey 2

Killer communist apes aside, there’s precious little to recommend in this volume. The series was cancelled in July 1965 and Henry Pym has never had a title to himself since, although he & Janet have made regular appearances as part of one Marvel team or another over the years. I really enjoy these old Marvel Masterworks collections, but this is one that you can skip in good conscience. 1.5 stars.

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