River's Deep (The River Immortals, #2) PDF

by Erin Keyser Horn The granddaughter of a legend inherits a fatal love story in this highly anticipated sequel to RIVER’S EDGE . . .

My name is Kasia Maier. Most girls my age are preparing for college, learning at summer jobs, and trying not to mess up dates. Not me. I’m preparing for life underwater, learning that my voice hypnotizes people, and trying not to kill guys with a kiss. I’m still human. . . for now. Several things could change that in the next few days:
1. The clan of rusalki I’m leading could orchestrate my death. 
2. A vindictive forest spirit might decide that revenge is too sweet to resist.
3. The river spirit lurking inside my body could turn me into a monster.
4. I might accidentally kill the boy I love because I hunger for his breath—all his breath.
Even if I avoid these possibilities, I only have a week before my rusalka genes take over my humanity, rendering me an undead siren who feeds on men. My life isn’t a Slavic fairy tale—it’s a horror story in the river’s deep. I have no idea how I will escape alive. 

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