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by Vic Johnson Read it upon awaking , just as you open your eyes , the first thing in the morning. Innervate your cerebral cortex's inertia beyond its accepted norm and soon enough the unthinkable becomes the reality. A modicum of faith as a necessary ingredient is required as all miracles depend on it ; but even that is scientific as it will whet every cell of your body to resonate on the frequency necessary to the attainment of your very desire. Put James Allen to the test , he might just be the very thing you require to climb over that 50% marker of positive outlook you need and deserve. At 51% your life might take upon a different course, the course that will let you leave your old detrimental habits behind. It is up to you , change can only commence from within, all the external limiting factors are simply a by product of your very thinking habits. Change the thinking formula and the results will have no choice but to follow. Don't ever forget who is really in charge , the very moment when you will accept the blame for your own misfortunes will put you at the advantage of changing it all.

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