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by Paul W. Browning This is a story about one man's journey to the most terrifying place in the world - rock bottom. Everyone's rock bottom is different, but for Paul Browning, it came in the form of a long legal battle to save his business, crippling financial problems, and the end of his marriage. During that time, Paul felt desperate, alone, and very frightened, and he almost lost the one thing he needed to keep going - faith. If it weren't for the support of seven very special individuals, all of whom had been through their own personal hell and not only survived but thrived, Paul might not have made it. With their words of encouragement and advice, Paul was able to face up to the changes he had to make, and he learned some very valuable lessons along the way. These lessons can help you, too. 7 People Saved My Life is more than just a story. It is a survival manual for anyone who is struggling to cope with a life crisis, going through a hard time, or trying to make some meaning out of a traumatic life event.

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