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by Don Rittner Contains an entire troubleshooting and technical support section—a must-have since the product comes with no documentation!Teaches how to operate the new iMac to its fullest capacity.Reveals how the iMac also functions as a PC and can run not only the Mac OS but also is capable of running Windows 95/98, Linux, and DOS.Details how to handle and configure hardware such as hubs, keyboards, printers, and more.Covers how the iMac works with third-party programs such as QuarkXPress, Illustrator, Quicken, Photoshop, Painter, and others.Covers games and entertainment, upgrading, reviews of the latest software and freeware, getting on the Internet in a snap, and much more in an easy-to-read style.Foreword written by Guy Kawasaki, Mac guru and Director of Product Development, Apple. "The iMac Book" creates instant buyer recognition through its appealing translucent blue cover, which parallels the iMac's innovative design.

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