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by Robert B. Dilts The term Spirit may be likened to what Einstein was referring to as "God's thoughts." In the words of Gregory Bateson, Spirit is "the pattern which connects" all things together as a kind of "larger Mind" of which we as individuals are a subsystem.
Manifestations of this Spirit, in the form of wisdom, vision, mission and healing, are the results of acknowledging and bringing Spirit more into our lives and actions.

Fruits of the Spirit — such as love, compassion, joy and peace — are the generative and transformative results of being more in harmony with 'God's thoughts'.

'Tools' of the Spirit are aids which bring our individual minds and nervous systems more in harmony and alignment with the 'larger Mind' and 'larger nervous system' of which we are members.

NLP can be considered a kind of 'meta tool' - a tool that can create other tools of the Spirit. The vision to be explored in this book is that of using NLP to 'create a world to which people want to belong' via developing skills for living in a state of impeccability.

NLP toolscan be combined with the principle of 'positive intent' and the core presuppositions of NLP to create new and effective 'tools of the Spirit.' These tools can allow us to bring more of the manifestations and fruits of the Spirit into our lives and to connect and participate more fully and ecologically with the larger Mind and systems of which we are a part. . Drawn from Dilts' and MacDonald's life transforming seminar, this book is for those who wish to learn more about their relationship to something greater than themselves. Learn to apply leading edge NLP tools to deepen your sense of purpose, mission and belonging through processes such as:
An NLP Framework For Spirituality
The Sacred journey
The Presence of Eternity
Spiritual Healing
Discovering The Shadow
Releasing Enmeshment With The Shadow
Archetypal Self-Parenting
The Symbolic Rebirth Cycle
Spiritual Renewal

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