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by China Williams I think of this series as Lonely PLanet-lite. Rather than the dense type of the usual Lonely Planet (and the comprehensive coverage) this series really focuses on "the best of" a region for those of us planning a trip and trying to decide where to go. It's a good tactic, especially for a certain kind of traveller who maybe has more money than a backpacker but less time: you really want advice on where to go and will not have time for a spontaneous make-it-up-as-you-go trip. This series was new when I got this book, and I think the second editions of these "Discover" was a little better: easier to read typeface, cleaner layouts, but this inital series introduced color to the Lonely Planet books, and the focus on certain highlights of a region rather than presenting every town and temple on equal footing. The book breaks Thailand up into regions and offers advice specific to each region: when to go, what the highlights are for that region, the don't miss sights, transportation options as well as a few dining and accomodation spots in each region. There is also a map for each region as well as an overall map, and itineraries for each region. I would have liked a few more suggested itineraries for all of Thailand, some thing more generalist. Few of us travel for just one focus: who is to say you don;t want to see temple, cultural experiences, AND the beach? A good addition to the Lonely Planet line, a good focus for all your pre-trip planning, but maybe not the in depth guide to carry along...

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