The Mystery of the Dead Man's Riddle (Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators, #22) PDF

by William Arden original 2010 review - Dingo Towne, a local character, has died and instead of a regular will, he’s set a series of riddles, with the winner taking his fortune.Hired by Dingo’s daughter-in-law to try and solve the riddles, the boys have to compete with nasty English relatives, Skinny Norris and treasure hunters.A very sturdy mystery, well constructed with clever clues, this is a cracking adventure, with good action, nifty set pieces (the river boat and climax especially) and a lot of different locations in and around Rocky Beach.It also has a very winning character in Billy Towne, Dingo’s 8 year old nephew, who is well written and good fun.One of the series highlights, very much recommended.
2014 update - I stand by the original review and would add that it has a great pace (I read the first half in one sitting), a nice sense of humour (especially with Pete’s appetite), another appearance of the Ghost-to-Ghost hook-up (which Billy also uses) and nice use of rhyming slang (which, when I originally read this, as a kid, I wasn’t aware of).With some smart touches - the book opens with Bob writing up their last case (where they found Mrs Hester’s ring), we see the boys at school (and find out Jupe is president of the science club) and the reveal that the entrance to Tunnel Two is under Jupe’s workbench, this is a great book and very highly recommended.

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