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by Eduard Bernstein I cannot be called a dogmatic anything, and since I have no formal economic nor econometric training my review of this book is probably not worth the bits & bytes I am using to write it up. My faulty analogy might be something like: Bernstein is a Talmudic rabbi who interprets and re-interprets the Prophet Marx in the reality of changing social conditions. His commitment to the advancement of the poor & working classes in undeniable, whatever the lock-step Marxists claim.

I do think, however, he did NOT foresee the current re-casting of society into haves and have-nots. He spoke of the increasing ranks of wealthy as identified purely from the tax rolls. All well and good, and I agree with him that violent revolution is NOT a method to obtain equality, but his hopefulness in sharing the wealth falls flat in this age of concentrated/contracting wealth.

I am a social democrat, democratic socialist, whatever. How anyone can support Mao, Stalin, Castro, etc., (or for that matter a Cheney, Bush, Nixon) is beyond me.

If you read it, you will, I suppose, have to highlight many passages that just simply cry out like a clarion call for justice — economic and political.

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