Stubborn Love - A Contemporary Romance (Falling for Him Contemporary Romance Series Book 6) PDF

by Jessica Gray Clara Bradford is on the way to fulfill her biggest dream. She's going to New York to land a job as fashion designer. After her degree, she's been working for too long as a personal shopper, now she wants to make it big. Her determination is strong. Finding a man is not on her mind.

Nigel Jacobs is returning to New York from a successful business trip. He's a fashion designer on his way to the top. Love doesn't exist in his world; too many women have tried to take advantage of him.

When they literally bump into each other at the airport, Nigel spills coffee all over Clara. What started as a misfortune turns out to be the most amazing encounter ever. Their attraction to each other is intense. Hot. Passionate.
But their romantic relationship takes a sudden plunge, when they meet again on business terms.

Can Nigel forget his past frustrations with women and trust his emotions for Clara?

The story of Clara and Nigel is the sixth book in the Falling for Him series. This steamy contemporary romance series is written for readers who enjoy contemporary romance, women's fiction, and new adult romance.

Stubborn Love can be read as standalone novella, but you might want to read the other books in the series for greater enjoyment.

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*Due to mature content, the series is recommended for readers aged 18+

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