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by William Langland The C-text of Piers Plowman is presented here with a full explanatory apparatus for the first time in a hundred years. Study of the poem has made many advances since the time of Skeat and this is the first complete edition of either of the two longer versions of the poem which takes this into account.

The edition has been prepared with a full sense of the intrinsic literary power and complexity of the work, and also of its significance as a record of social and religious conflict and crises in a turbulent age. The Introduction and the extensive notes and glossary are designed to enable the student to respond to all the layers of meaning in the text and to Langland's vivid and versatile style.

The C-text is chosen as the basis for the edition as being the latest revision of the poem, and therefore as bearing to some extent the author's stamp of authority. It is possible to argue, furthermore, that the C-revision presents a clearer and less cluttered argument than B, and sharpens the lineaments of the poem.

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