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by David Malki Victorian adventure — an era full of top-hatted intrigue, dirigibles galore, all-too-demure sensuality and completely unironic classism. Now there's an antidote: Dispatches from Wondermark Manor, a rollicking, absurd, completely ridiculous yarn from the author of the celebrated comic strip "Wondermark."

Taking the tropes of Conan Doyle-style adventure fiction and ramping them way over the top, Malki's story brings together: Ghosts (of course) Airships (of course) High society intrigue Old men in salt barrels Horses that cannot fly Frightful moustaches aplenty Cheese handling as an artform General bad decisions, and Casual mass murder

All in a stunningly-designed package evocative of the grandest pulp style. Praised by many for its strangeness and wonder, Dispatches from Wondermark Manor is offered here for the very first time in a complete omnibus edition, including all three volumes of the novels (originally available only as long out-of-print chapbooks)plus a separate prologue from Malki's book Beards of our Forefathers, plus all-new hand-drawn maps of the locations in the story.

Buy with confidence! This edition is guaranteed at least 48% opium-free by law.

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