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by Douglas Rushkoff Sarah Sze inhabits architectural spaces with a spider-like thoroughness and ingenuity, weaving fragile webs of glue threads and matchsticks around junctures of commercially-bought ephemera: Q-tips, plastic flowers, beads and baskets, paper goods, and mini-video projectors. She infiltrates every crevice and corner and explodes off of walls with a construction always spontaneously, intuitively responsive to its given environment. This catalogue documents and contextualizes the recent departure from closed environments that Sze took in creating an outdoor project at Bard College in upstate New York, a move which necessitated a subtle shift to materials which could withstand the elements. Sze has said that the exhibition space becomes a studio during her installations; here, her studio is a meadow.Essays by Elizabeth A.T. Smith, Douglas Rushkoff. Introduction and interview by Amada Cruz.

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