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by Leslie Margolis Annabelle has tamed the wild boys and catty girls of middle school. Now it's time for her first school dance! A couple of Annabelle's friends already have dates and she would like one, too. Better yet, she finally has a crush on someone-Oliver. The problem? Claire also likes him, and she's called dibs. To complicate things further, Annabelle has to work super closely with her secret crush on their science fair project! And it looks like one of their competitors is up to something shady. . . . If Annabelle says something, will Oliver respect her for it or think she's a snitch? And will she ever understand what these junior-high boys are really thinking?

This third book in the Annabelle Unleashed series captures another unforgettable moment of junior-high drama-complete with utter embarrassment and total joy.

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