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by Trevor Hudson Overcome the overwhelming. Freedom, joy and fulfillment await. All it takes to fight against the current of compulsion is willpower and today.

But we all know change is easier imagined (and initiated) than done. And easier to spot what's needed in others than ourselves. (Read Jesus' account of the mote versus the beam.)

Each passing day brings news of someone entering rehab for something. While some struggle with the obvious serious issues (alcoholism, drug addiction), less noisy but just as serious problems may lie just below the most composed surface.

One Day at a Time is for you if you…

* worry too much
* battle stress and tension
* struggle with compulsive or addictive behavior
* feel trapped by self-condemnation, guilt and regret
* sabotage relationships with destructive behavior
* worship regularly but feel bogged down in pious clichés and empty ritual

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