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by Peter Lerangis The book I’m reading is “WATCHERS LAB 6”this amazing book has lots of mysteries and clues. That’s one of the reasons I liked this book.
The characters names are Jamie, Bart, and Sam these characters have crazy and fun adventures together in this book. Sam is a funny smart and joyful person but not for Bart he never thinks of his decisions and always is confident. Bart felt confident when he was in Lab 6. One thing that changed Sam in this book is that he got a mysterious headache.

The setting of this book takes place in a creepy Lab where they do nasty crazy experiments. The scientists in lab 6 open up their bodies and do crazy experiments their and Sam and Bart know that because they have been into lab 6. The mood you can get from this setting is that you can get disgusted or you maybe even puke from this setting..

Sam gets an unfortunate and mysterious headache and it’s so mysterious that SAM could hear voices everywhere from the lab so he just screams. Bart just freaks out then after that Sam’s headache is totally gone. After that he wants to figure out whose voice was that on his head.

Will Sam ever know who the person that was in his head was? Will his headache get worse? Find out in this mind twisting book “WATCHERS LAB 6”.

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