Four Letters (The Lust List: Devon Stone #4) PDF

by Mira Bailee Lust. Risk. Fear. Need. Love.

In the end, which will prevail?

In this final installment of the Olivia Margot-Devon Stone saga, Olivia's ready to take on Devon and his past, but it could be a matter of life or death.

The gloves are off, and Olivia must rise above her fears and doubts to prove she can take care of things herself. If their relationship is truly worth it, then it will all work out for the best...right?

The Lust List - Take Your Pick
They're the world's sexiest bachelors. The men of ScandalLust mag's infamous Lust List are young, wealthy, and, oh, did we mention? HOT.

When scandal follows them everywhere, there’s no hiding from the cameras. They're irresistible, insatiable—and talented in all the right ways. Every woman wants them. But these playboys won't be easy to catch...

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