Girls From Da Hood Series Collection (Girls From Da Hood #1-4) PDF

by Nikki Turner Unique is the stereotypical drug dealer's girlfriend. All she does is shop and spend his money. When her boyfriend Took has to do a bid, Unique is up the creek without a paddle. Does she get a job and try to better herself? No, of course not! it's on to the next man or next hustle. On her way up, or down depending on how you look at it, she's made her share of enemies. And like every dog, she has her day. Nina Thomas is a recent college graduate who puts her life on hold once she rekindles a relationship with her first boyfriend, Lorenzo, after five years. Things are good, but as always that doesn't last. Nina finds herself in a position where she needs to make some serious decisions—decisions that she may have to suffer the consequences for. Anyeh has a plan. A plan to bring down the great Diablo James using her feminine wiles. But she never planned to fall for him herself. And how will this affect her plan?

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