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by Dana Fuller Ross For one hundred glorious years America offered true freedom to those seeking to escape tyranny's chains. Now, in 1876, pioneer & farmer, businessman & laborer, join to celebrate the grand Centennial. It will be a day to remember forever. But unless strong men & women remain vigilant, it can become a time of unforgettable terror as America's enemies once again challenge our courage & our dreams.

CELEBRATION! From Oregon north to Alaska, from Montana south to Arizona Territory, the Holt family - beginning with the legendary wagon-master Whip Holt - has fought outlaws & renegages to make the West safe & free. Now, as the entire country readies for the biggest & most fabulous celebration in it's history, one last life-and-death mission will be put in the hands of Toby Holt. A secret band of anarchists plan to make the July 4, 1876, Centennial a bloodbath. Unless they are stopped, a bomb of terrifying power will destroynot only hundreds of lives but a cherished symbol of our liberty. Beautiful Cindy Holt Kerr & the intreped Major Henry Blake walk a razor's edge of danger & desire...& Toby Holt faces the ultimate test of his heroism before the great CELEBRATION!

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