Forever Beside You in Time PDF

by Bess McBride This book was okay.It had "good bones" so to speak but could have been so much more which I'll point out later.I bought this during a time where I was in the mood for as many time travel romances as I could get my hands on.I moved onto another genre before reading this one and am just getting to it a month or so after I bought it.While not a great time travel romance read, it did somewhat satisfy.

Quick Rundown:Librarian Chick gets transported back to Edwardian England (1902) and predictably gets taken in by a wealthy Dude who is about to be engaged to the Ice-Queen Chick as both have been promised to each other by their dead mothers.Insta-love happens and we go on a journey through Great Britain with this cast of characters to find out how these two will get together.

Plot:Nothing new here, it was pretty predictable.At page 52, I marked it as "pleasant enough".But at page 62, there was the insta-love scene that was not well done at all- if you read this, just pretend that part didn't happen as the insta-love was much better done later on in the book.Note to author: (view spoiler)

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