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by Smriti Prasadam My son is currently in a sign language / sing-along class.The teacher reads one book to the babies at each class and accompanies the reading with signs for the different animals pictured. This was the book of the week.I know I'll never remember all the signs just from seeing it once, but I definitely remember caterpillar and butterfly.

I like this book.It's really simple, just saying hello to all the different bugs.And the illustrations are mostly black and white with a tiny bit of color on each page.But I think it could still appeal to babies and toddlers of different ages.A toddler could learn the names of the different bugs.And a baby, even a newborn, could enjoy the simple high-contrast illustrations.I didn't do a lot of the black-and-white image books when Gavin was a newborn, but I'll be keeping this book in mind for the newborn stage when we have more children.

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