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by Elora Bishop Enter the magical world of Isabella Fox, mediocre witch for hire, and Emily Deer, outcast shapeshifter, and the charming little town of Benevolence, where these two women-in-love make their home.The Benevolence Tales, Volume 1 is a compilation of the full first three novellas in the Benevolence Tales series:


Isabella Fox has just moved to the charming little town of Benevolence. As the new village magicmaker, she's expected to cast only one spell a year in the sleepy village—something not even she could mess up. When Isabella meets the mysterious outcast shapeshifter, Emily, love begins to grow between the two women, but the chill of winter forewarns that not all is well in Benevolence.


When the winter festival of Imbolc draws near, Isabella makes preparations for her yearly pilgrimage to Lunarose Abbey, where she and her friends, since their Academy days, have always participated in the annual Imbolc play and kept candlelit vigil to the Rose Goddess. This year, Isabella asks Emily to come with her but warns her about the abbey's odd quirks—like the fact that it's haunted by a lovelorn ghost...


Every year on Ostara, all the townsfolk of Benevolence journey to nearby Mirror Lake, where they peer into the depths of the waters to see a moment of happiness from their coming year. But the lake itself is not enchanted–the creature that descends from the mountaintop and blesses the lake is what gives it its magic. This year, for the first time in millennia, the creature has not come, and Isabella and Emily make the treacherous journey to the top of the mountain, the advent of spring and the end of winter hanging in the balance.

The Benevolence Tales, Volume 1 also includes a never-before-published short story featuring the origin of Isabella’s Familiar, Alice; an introduction by the author; and a few more enchanting extras!

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