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by Marc Scott Zicree The Twilight Zone has captivated, teased and haunted the imaginations of countless millions of viewers from its 1959 debut through its 156 subsequent episodes and many years of steady rebroadcast.

The Twilight Zone Conpanion, a 1983 American Book Award nominee, is the complete show-by-show guide to one of television's all-time greatest series. Zicree's account of the series from inception to cancellation, through syndications and sunbsequent offshoots and remakes, is fascinating reading for even the mosts casual fan. Coverage of each episode includes a plot synopsis, Rod Serling's narrations, critical commentary, behind-the-scenes stories and anecdotes from the original artist who created the series, a complete list of cast and credits, and over 200 production photographs.
This second edition also has an addendum covering the Twilight Zone movie and the CBS program from the 1980s.

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