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by Iain Shippey 50% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME! Normally $5.99"Around the globe healthy men are in high demand but low supply. The consequences of this are devastating for women and children as well as for communities and countries as broken male culture thrives. In reaction to the suffering societies can raise awareness, rescue victims, and create laws to punish the offenders or cry out for political action. But reactions are never solutions. We must deal with the source and root issue like my good friend Iain Shippey has done, is doing, and helping churches worldwide to do - deal directly with fathers and help them brake generational cycles of chaos and dysfunction. Stop guessing at what to do in your community and start doing the one thing that has a blast zone of positive impact across societies and countries: Help fathers raise healthy, moral, godly sons and daughters who have had a model, mentor, and messenger in their lives that reproduces itself in them and through them to the next generation."

Kenny Luck, Author of Sleeping Giant
Global Men's Director Saddleback Church
Founder, Every Man Ministries

Dads' Workshop can be used as a personal resource or as a small group guide

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