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by Drew Heywood — Inside Windows NT Server, Second Edition provides effective tutorial-based solutions for today's administration problems
— Focuses on latest advancements in NT-Clustering, Transaction Server, and Message Que Server
— Get the total picture: remote access, control, networking, multi-protocol routing, TCP/IP, RRAS, PPTP, new security features and domain modelsInside Windows NT Server 4 2/e teaches the network administrator how to deploy and maintain NT in any sized corporation. Many of the new features being incorporated into NT Server 4.0 Enterprise are components that have been developed for version 5, even though NT 5 will not be released to the public until Q2, 1998.

Inside Windows NT Server, 4 2/e provides effective tutorial-based solutions for today's administration problems. This second edition of the book stays true to the administrator audience. While on the surface the latest enhancements to NT Server are targeted at the developer-when the developer is finished with his/her work, it's the network administrator that's left to deal with the server(s) and any related software. For example, if users experience problems accessing information that is located in a SQL Server database, it's the job of the network administrator to determine the appropriate solution, not the database developer.

Regardless of whether the network administrator is responsible.for a single departmental server or a large corporate network, this book ensures they will have the skills needed to be a success. With Inside Windows Server 4, the reader is efficiently walked through the details of planning, installing and maintaining an NT enterprise-wide network.

Inside Windows NT Server 4provides the reader with the crucial aspects of networking (such as hardware configuration) as well as the core NT Server knowledge base, so that they can successfully administer their network. As the reader progresses through the book and becomes more experienced, Inside Windows NT Server 4 provides them with detailed descriptions of more advanced capabilities such as administration of SQL Server, Transaction Server, Message Que Server, IIS 4, Proxy Server and Microsoft Clustering. Once readers begin to apply the content in this book they're on their way to becoming a Windows NT Server expert.

Inside Windows NT Server 4 is a complete tutorial that quickly brings administrators up to speed, but is organized as a reference that serves the needs of the most technically-experienced administrators.

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