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by John Gribbin yep. another book on theoretical physics involving cosmology; i guess i never change.

for those interested in the BIG BANG theory this is an in-depth and more than slightly technical dissertation.i greatly enjoyed the biographical tidbits about each of the successive scientists that aided in the alterations of perception (both publically and in the egghead community) of physics.the models of "the universe" under which we humans have gone about our daily lives has drastically changed in the last thousand years.humans as a whole have remarkably malleable minds in the long term, while seeming to settle into a pattern of thought that "is how it's always been" in the short term timeframe of an individual's lifespan.some sort of specie-wide memory disorder or something.if you're already an astronomy fan, a theoretical physics buff, or interested in particle and/or quantum physics this book is for you.if you find those things a bit daunting, you should pass on this offering.

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