Big Girls Do It Married (Big Girls Do It, #5) PDF

by Jasinda Wilder I've LOVED this series. As a curvy woman myself,I've struggled with the same body and confidence issues as Anna. I adore her character!She's intelligent, funny and sexy. Watching her accept herself and embrace her sexuality in a way helped me to do the same. I really enjoyed that aspect of the books and thank Jasinda for writing them.

Let's not forget the incredibly sexy men in these books either!Jeff and Chase were HOT and sweet,as well as I instrumental to Anna becoming the woman she does in the end.And the sex was HOT and very sexy in all this series. Wow!

The wedding scene in this book brought tears to my eyes. I definitely think she picked the right guy. I highly recommend this series for someone who enjoys funny and very sexy stories. I can't wait for the rest of this series to continue!

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