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by Gary Gach Most writers today are more familiar with printers and modems than with typewriter ribbons. Personal computers and the Internet are changing the way writers create and communicate. With twenty-four-hour information and instant memory, these modern conveniences are radically alteringthe face of the literary community.
In writers.net , veteran Internet trainer and best-selling author Gary Gach gives writers of every medium valuable insight into using the Net in many aspects of their writing. From poetry and romance to technical writing and science fiction, Gach directs writers to appropriate forums, magazines, publishers, home pages, and many other resources that will help writers stay on top of developments in their field of specialty. Writers.net also covers the most common uses of the Internet for writers including finding writing assignments, conducting research, improving one?s writing, and carrying on discussions with other writers.For those new to the Internet, Gach provides an Internet Primer for Writers that includes basic terminology, a guided tour, and an essay that puts the Net in perspective for beginners. He also discusses the new worlds of electronic publishing, interactive and collaboratory writing, Net censorship, and cyberjournalism.
"Getting information from the Internet can be like trying to get a glass of water off an open fire hydrant," warns Gach, but with writers.net , writers now have a handbook to help them control the unlimited resources that make up the Internet.About the Author

Veteran Internet instructor and widely published writer Gary Gach is the author of the recent bestseller The Pocket Guide to the Internet.Join other readers of writers.net for an unmoderated online forum. E-mail majordomo@listlink.berkeley.edu. In the message body put "subscribe writersnet".Prepublished and published writers are equally welcome.Discussion topics will span the subjects covered in the book and beyond.This is a free service to the writing community.
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The title of this book is not intended to suggest any affiliation or sponsorship of any particular web site. It should be noted, however, that Writers.Net is a trademark of Internet Concepts, an internet hosting and content provider. This book is not affiliated with, sponsored or licensed by Internet Concepts.

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