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by Jennifer Sodini "The Unity Tree" by Jennifer Sodini is a whimsical muse on cosmic consciousness that seeks to show the reader that we are all "branches" on the same tree of life. Driven by dazzling illustrations by Richie Brown, this book's ethos is enveloped in the notion that love is the ultimate teacher.

About the author, Jennifer Sodini:

Jennifer Sodini is an innovative entrepreneur, writer and student of spiritual enlightenment. Her grandmother taught her Tarot at the age of 8, and submersed her in the mystic side of art, music, culture, and spirituality.

Jennifer was inspired to write The Unity Tree, after spending time in the Jungle of Costa Rica's Guaria De Osa with the Secoya Elders. She found the lattice of life bound by Universal love and understanding. We may have our cultural differences, but the path and message are all the same.

Jennifer resides on the beach in New Jersey, with her two Cats (Ziggy and Peach), and her silly dog (Misha). She spends her time running, providing spiritual nourishment and information that inspires you to THINK.

She also enjoys exploring the depths of the internet, finding the joy in discovering people weirder than her, or things to help you feel weird. Thanks YouTube!

About the illustrator, Richie Brown:

Richie Brown makes all sorts of paintings, animations, doodles, and doo-dads. He currently resides in New Jersey where he spends his free time eating pizza and watching The X-Files.

Richie's work has been featured in Italian Vogue, Fox ADHD, and Lucky Peach Magazine.

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