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by Christina Dudley Christina Dudley is the author of novels The Beresfords,Everliving, Mourning Becomes Cassandra and MBC's sequel The Littlest Doubts, as well as Zola-award-winning children's picture book Mia and the Magic Cupcakes. Her latest venture is a series of traditional Regency romances called The Hapgoods of Bramleigh, of which THE NATURALIST is the first and A VERY PLAIN YOUNG MAN the second.

When not writing novels, Christina Dudley can be found helping other authors, crashing local book clubs, acting in Sunday school skits, and speaking for love or money to any large group that will have her. She also stuffs herself blogging for the Bellevue (WA) Farmers Market as the UrbanFarmJunkie. If you're a budding writer yourself, Christina would love to work with you at YourBestBookForward. More than you ever wanted to know about her can be found at her websites.

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