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by Neil Sedaka If your child is a fan of dinosaurs he or she will love Dinosaur PetWith CD (Audio) . Sung to the tune of "Calendar Girl"Dinosaur PetWith CD (Audio) is a sing aloud book rather than read aloud. The boy in the story brings a dinosaur egg home and each month of the year we go through the challenges of raising a growing dinosaur as a pet. Every few months we sing the chorus of:
I love, I love, I love
My dinosaur pet
Yeah, sweet dinosaur pet
I love, I love, I love
My dinosaur pet
Each and every day of the year
If you're challenged by the tune a CD recorded by Neil Sedaka is included with the hardcover edition book.

With colorful, bold illustrations, my daughter loved this book and it was one of her favorite books from ages 4-6. She loved it so much she didn't even care if I sang out of tune!

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