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by Elizabeth Adams "Madam 90210" is the story of Alex Adams, a former florist who bought a call-girl business from a client who was leaving the business, and through shrewd and discreet marketing, built her client list to include the most famous names in Hollywood, the richest Arab oil magnates, and all the behind the scenes "players" with the money and the influence. It's a sort of jaded American success story.

The book itself consists of just two things: pornography, the description of sex acts, and plutography, the description of lives of the wealthy and famous. The book is mostly episodic, taking us for a short time on the careers and "johns" of each of Alex's girls. There is lots of sex, drugs, rock n' roll...and lots of names for clothes, cars, jewellery, perfume, and shoes that I'd neither heard of nor cared about in my life. These are the kind of people who buy sex and cocaine the way other people buy groceries. The oldest profession, the oldest (historically, and sometimes literally) clients, and the oldest stories, are provided by a Hollywood insider who thinks we will be as fascinated with the lives of rich and famous people as they are—a peep hole for the peons; x-rated Robin Leach.

But the problem with that is that any names and "identifying characteristics" of the participants in this sex ring have been changed "to protect their privacy." In other words, readers are presented with the titillating prospect that whoever they are reading about could be the Hollywood figure of their choice: Michael Eisner, Kevin Costner, Charlton Heston, or (insert star's name here). In other, other words, this is a novel. Because it does not reveal the truth, it is rendered, in essence, a piece of fiction, and a very bad one at that.

Here is the book: "You've heard all about Heidi Fleiss, the Hollywood Madam? You want the inside story? Here is someone like her." Tellingly, the book begins and ends with segments on Heidi Fleiss and the struggle for control which resulted after Alex Adams retired. The rest is just plutography and pornography: name-dropping and pants-dropping.

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