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by Angus Woodward This is a collection of short stories that depicts every-day life in Louisiana.The stories range from one about a criminal having difficulty giving up his trade to a returning veteran looking to rekindle a lost love. I found the stories interesting, though they seemed, at times, to be written by different authors. It is a wonder that the author can change his style so well. The stories will definitely interest the reader who is interested in or from Louisiana or who likes short stories.I do like short stories but this particular collection did not really appeal all that much to me.I found the writing to sort of jump all over the place, leaving me wondering about the plot—or whether there even was one.At times, I even wondered what was going on or if I had missed something.I know the author, from what I read, has experience writing in literary journals, so perhaps his style of writing just did not appeal to me. I received this from Library Thing to read and review.

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