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by Lydia Mihelic Pulsipher Pulsipher's "World Regional Geography broke new ground by putting people into the world geographic landscape, showing students how individuals are affected by, and respond to, economic, social, and political forces at all levels of scale: Global, regional, subregional, local. It offers a vivid and inclusive picture of people in a changing world—men and women, children and the elderly, mainstream and marginalized citizens—not as seen from a Western perspective, but as they see themselves. The core topics of physical, economic, and political geography are examined from a contemporary perspective, based on insights from the most recent geographic theory. The Second Edition builds upon those strengths. You will find all the hallmark Pulsipher features here, as well as important new content, maps, pedagogy, and ancillaries. As a researcher and a teacher, Lydia Pulsipher brings to the book both an expert's understanding of the principles and practices of the field and an educator's grasp of how to make the material accessible, captivating, and relevant to students. Working with the book's new Board of Regional Consultants, she presents a richer, more detailed examination of every corner of the globe, with an emphasis on the impact of globalization, interregional linkages, the environment, and technology. The new edition also features an enhanced and expanded map program, increased pedagogy, as well as seamlessly integrated media and superb print supplements.

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