Taming Riki Vol 1, Part 3 (Taming Riki, #3) PDF

by Kira Takenouchi I've waited a long time for this book so I was thrilled to finally receive it. I just got it yesterday and read it cover to cover. What an exciting climax! I loved it, though I felt this book read a little differently than the first two books of the trilogy. For one thing, there was less punishment in it, but this made sense to me and personally all the punishment in the series was not something I was too fond of. I thought the tone in general was a little more serious than the previous two books but there were also some really funny parts. This was a book that made me laugh, cry, tremble, and even jump up and shout in several places, I was so wrapped up in the story. You don't find many books that make you do that.

This has to be one of my all-time favorite series and I'm so glad Takenouchi released this final book, which I thought for a long time wasn't going to happen, and I hadn't availed myself of the free first draft she had available on her site because I wanted to wait for the actual book. In the preface to the book she says that this book is different than what's available online anyway. I might take a look at the old version to see how that one reads, compared to this one. But all in all, a wonderful, delightful read. I'm so happy Takenouchi is continuing with all her books because I adore her writing.

Kudos, Ms. Takenouchi!

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