With a Twist (Wild Hart Saga, #1) PDF

by Deirdre Martin He's a tall order. She's a hot dish.
But are they ready for the main course?

Natalie Bocuse dreams of managing a chic Manhattan restaurant. In the meantime she's waitressing at her sister's French bistro in Brooklyn.

Among the regulars is Quinn O'Brien, not only the best reporter in New York but the most handsome. He'll do anything for a story, even break hearts, though Natalie swears hers will stay untouched.

When Quinn offers Natalie a waitressing job at his parents' Irish Pub in Manhattan, she can't refuse. She'll be a step closer to her dream and temptingly close to Quinn. But then Quinn's new editor-in-chief steps through the pub's doors and wants to order what's on Natalie's menu. Now Quinn will do anything to stop the presses. Pursuing the greatest story of his life, his own love story, Quinn's going to need his luck of the Irish to win Natalie's heart-or else it's c'est la vie...

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