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by Emilie Richards In Fox River, Emilie Richards has created a powerful, multilayered story of a troubled family — and the power of truth. Julia Warwick grew up amid wealth and privilege, the beautiful daughter of a legendary Virginia hunt master. A talented artist, Julia is devastated when she loses her sight after a fall from a horse — but that loss is only the beginning. When doctors say her blindness has no physical cause, her husband commits her to a clinic where she's kept a virtual prisoner — until her mother brings her back to her childhood home, along with Julia's daughter, nine-year-old Callie. But rest alone cannot heal Julia. Trapped in a darkened world and captivated by her mother's unpublished novel, "Fox River," she is beginning to see some devastating truths, both past and present — truths about her husband, her family, and a murder case from years ago in which justice went astray and lovers were torn apart. Only one question remains: Will the light of truth be strong enough to restore all that Julia has lost — her sight, her life, and her forsaken love?

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