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by Courtney Vail This was a collection of very short stories (very, very short) and some poems all revolving around death in some way.For the most part I found the collection only so-so but have given a couple specific reviews for a couple of the stories below:

Carousel: A very disturbing story but oh did I enjoy it!I’m pretty sure we all played light as a feather, stiff as a board when we were kids, but that probably wouldn’t have lasted long if we’d had an experience like this one.I would not recommend this for those who are easily upset.This story involved heinous bloody violence, angry spirits, and children.

Life in Paris: I seriously laughed out loud at this one!It was so ridiculous that it was just fun.I’m not going to share exactly what the plot of this short story is because it’s really so much better if you just read it and find out on your own.But I will say that the author wrote it for a contest where the story had to contain a vampire, werewolf, or zombie and include a famous person.Probably one of the only times I enjoyed Paris Hilton (other than, like, when she’s, like, killed in, like, all of the horror movies she’s in).

Kings and Queens:I hadn’t realized that after 30% of the book the rest would be devoted to the first 5 chapters of the author’s first novel, Kings and Queens.However, I’m usually upset by this and in this case I enjoyed the look into the novel and was then pleasantly surprised and happy to find the novel on Amazon for free.You may see my full review of Courtney Vail’s Kings & Queens here

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