Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English PDF

by Eric Partridge Partridge, Eric, Tom Dalzell, and Terry Victor. The concise new Partridge dictionary of slang and unconventional English. London: Routledge, 2008.

reference Type- Dictionary

Content/Scope- 2536 pages and over 60,000 entries. Includes slang from US as well as other countries.

Accuracy/Authority/Bias- author, Tom Dalzell has published multiple volumes about slang.This is the latest of multiple editions recognized for excellence.

Arrangement/Presentation- Large easy to read print (which is a good thing with 6k entries). Organized alphabetically followed by numeric slang.

Accessibility/Diversity- Easy to read, high interest for high school students. Includes slang from other cultures, show's language evolution.

Relation to other works- while the library owns many dictionaries, it does not own a slang dictionary.

Timeliness and Permanence- Booklist Top Reference Source in 2006 (this is the updated version for 2012).Hardcover. Will be useful for years to come because of historical analysis-first time each word was used in print.

Cost- $320 for 2 volumes, hardcover.


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