Breaks in Reality (Seams in Reality #3) PDF

by Alex Siegel Breaks in Reality is the third book in a series which begins with Seams in Reality.

Phillip is a young boy with the mind of an old master sorcerer. He plans to take control of every sorcerer in the United States and then to dominate the world. If he succeeds, he will also destroy the Bureau of Physical Investigation, the government agency responsible for regulating sorcery. He has discovered a new type of spell which will allow him to accomplish these daunting goals.
Andrew and Charley, two apprentice sorcerers, must stop Phillip before he becomes too powerful. Andrew is still in his first year of training, but his unique talents make him the best man for a dangerous mission. His girlfriend, Charley, has extraordinary abilities of her own. Their instructor, Tonya, and a Special Forces operator named Tungsten must somehow guide the apprentices to victory.
Andrew has also discovered a new spell in journals written by his grandfather. The finding might change the lives of all sorcerers, but the knowledge is forbidden, and Andrew must investigate in secret. He even lies to the people he loves to hide his activities. After he is almost killed during an experiment, relentless curiosity compels him to carry on.
Forces collide and lives will be lost in this continuation of the Seams in Reality series.

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