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by Nancy Arroyo Ruffin This is the story of one young woman's life lessons told through poetry and prose. Raised on the ruthless streets of Brooklyn, NY in the 1980's, the protagonist takes us on a thrilling voyage of love, loss, and heartbreak. Full of inspirational quotes & positive affirmations, Welcome to Heartbreak is a literary portrait depicting the hardships many young adults endure when transitioning from childhood to adulthood. It is about accepting the past and learning how to move forward from unhealthy situations. From surviving the brutal murder of a close relative, to helping the love of her life battle a deadly illness, to having her deepest desire snatched from her womb; this is a gripping account of one young woman's determination to heal herself through love, forgiveness, and acceptance. Burned and pillaged by some of the people she trusted most, this phoenix rises from the ashes to show us that even through heartbreak, beauty and happiness can flourish. "Heartbreaks don't break us, they make us stronger." - Nancy Arroyo Ruffin

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