Call of Chaos (The Chaos Reigns Saga, #1) PDF

by Carol Hightshoe The Exiled daughter of a minor noble, Kyrianna Dalynne, finds herself trapped in a temple dedicated to Thynitic, The Lady of Chaos. She and the companions she meets there must find an ancient artifact or be doomed to spend eternity within its confines.

When the guardians claim the artifact has been found, they open a portal to the outside world. Assuming it leads to their homes, Kyrianna and her friends step through.

Kyrianna finds herself in the wrong world and she and her friends come face to face with a much harder task. That of assisting Tristan Duvall, a young noble from the city of Raspa, face the horrors of his family’s past and claim his birthright.

Kyrianna finds herself falling in love with Tristan and is forced to choose between her heart and duty. Will she give up her one shot at true love and return home, or will she abandon those who count on her? Only time will tell.

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