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by Connie Bailey Gay Erotic Short Stories about cowboys and gamblers from all over the world and throughout time.

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Serengeti by Madeleine Urban
Welcome to Africa, the dark continent, home to the Serengeti rangers of Dawn Camp. All save one, who comes and goes with each hunting season, leaving passion, friendship, and intimacy in his wake. Ten years pass and the pattern changes, putting four men on a crash course with either happiness or heartbreak.

Poker Face by Dar Mavison
Sneaking out of town after a poker game, Joe and Frank ride on together to the next town and find themselves stuck in a monsoon, holed up in a small hotel room. Passing the time by sleeping, telling stories, and sharing each other's bodies, Joe teaches Frank that facing up to your past is the key to facing your future.

Rendezvous by Catt Ford
Driven to a near-solitary existence in the high mountains in order to hide his "unnatural" nature, Jack lives alone, scared to venture out. Dragged down to a Rendezvous by his one friend, he stumbles across Stony and discovers pleasure at his hands - but will his horrible past experiences keep him from trying for a happier future?

Fancy Pants by Connie Bailey
Cardsharp Bayr never loses at cards. But he also plays The Game, over and over, looking for a man to meet his tastes, to hold his attention, to be his perfect match. When uneducated cowpoke Dash sits down at his table, The Game starts again.

The River Flows South by John Simpson
Gerard Dupont books passage on the "Cotton Queen," determined to have a good time on his trip down the Mississippi, but nothing is a given. His options for companionship are limited, until he meets dandy gentleman Dexter Freemont, and his trip starts looking up.

Back in the Saddle by D. G. Parker
After his horse goes lame, Obediah Watson lucks across the Bar Jay Ranch and finds himself employed. He also finds himself the object of boss Ben Johnson's attention, attention he sure doesn't mind returning until the trouble comes when his horse is all healed up. Obie realizes he's changed so much he doesn't recognize himself, and he has to decide if he really belongs at the Bar Jay.

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