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by Kimberly A. Bettes It's August, 1952 in the small town of Sweetwater, Missouri, where a deadly drought has the residents begging for rain, and with it, mercy. But on this particular day, just another in a long line of dry days with three-digit temperatures, mercy will not be given. As the mercury rises and the power fails, gossip runs rampant and tempers flare, causing a handful of the most prestigious members of the community to point their fingers at Bob Greeley. Until today, Bob has lived among them as a friend and neighbor, but with his fate in their hands, that's about to change.


"...this novel is spot on. It is the story of what gossip and crowd mentality can do, and it's not very pretty. This novel will make you think twice before you judge others..." — Independent Review

"...I felt like I was there." — Independent Review

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